At Cleveland Home Title, we have purpose-built our website to equip you with easy-to-use, current resources that put you in the driver’s seat in your home or commercial property purchase and sale experience. With so many tools at your fingertips, your ability to manage the process becomes that much greater and pain-free!Here is a walkthrough of what you can accomplish with us online:

Download Forms

With as much as goes into a property transaction, the paperwork can be daunting. With our downloadable forms, cut out the scramble to find out where to go!


Submit an Order Form

Do you need to order title and escrow services? Our online order form walks you through exactly what we’ll need to help, the information you will have on hand. If you already have your Purchase Agreement, you can upload it here to get the ball rolling even more quickly, and it will be delivered straight to your representative.

Order Tax and Legal

Are you looking for tax and legal information on your potential property? Fill out this form to let us know what blanks in the process you need us to fill, and we will contact you as we obtain the data. Tricky situation? Fill out the additional notes box so that we have all the details.

Purchase Agreement: Standard Form

You’re ready to sign on the dotted line! Download our Standard Purchase Agreement form to take the next step in making that property yours. With the property details and legal requirements taken care of, this form is especially valuable if you are entering the transaction without a real estate agent.

Lead Paint Disclosure Form

If you are purchasing or selling a property constructed before 1978, you’ll need a lead paint disclosure as part of the paperwork.

Residential Property Disclosure Form

This statement of condition and information about your property is an invaluable communication tool between buyer and seller. Make sure no one is surprised!

Seller’s Authorization Form

Authorize Cleveland Home Title to obtain information from your lender about your payoff to wrap up your mortgage before the close of the sale.


Interactive Tools

Now that you are armed with the forms you need, explore the tools we’ve provided to make the sale of your property compelling.

Marketing Tools

With as much work as marketing your property is, we have created template materials for you to download, customize, and use for FREE! This is huge: don’t spend hours trying to design something yourself or pay for an expensive marketing package. Within a few minutes, you will have crisp, clean materials to use!

GFE Calculator

Wanting to know what your GFE looks like? Our GFE Calculator is the most powerful tool we have! Get maximum visibility into your costs, and get an instant title quote from us with the property and transaction information. And voila, you are in business.

Property Tax Information Downloads

Make sure you have the county tax information you are purchasing in so that you know exactly how much you are going to pay.

Utility Providers Information

If you need to double check who the utility providers will be for your property, use this handy tool to get a read on who they are and their contact information. With phone numbers and printable guides, have the contacts you need at hand when you go to switch the utilities to your name.

Our commitment is to equip buyers and sellers to navigate real estate transactions with the best industry knowledge and expertise. Still stumped? Not to worry—give us a ring at (440) 788-7100, and we’ll get you on your way. Happy exploring!

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Everything you need to sell your home on your own

Knowing how to work with a Title Company helps you sell your own home successfully

Selling your home can be a challenging and confusing process. We believe it is important that our clients are informed and given the proper resources to help make the process as smooth as possible. This is why we have created this complimentary guide just for our ‘For Sale by Owner‘ clients. Download the packet by signing up with the link below.

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